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Auto Enthusiast Christmas Gifts


If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your Auto Enthusiast, then look no further!  We have listed 10 of the Best Auto Memorabilia Holiday Gifts available.


Choose from vintage automotive posters from the 1890's to the present.  Browse our huge collection of 24 hours of Le Mans Posters and Monaco Grand Prix Posters and every other racing event, even posters from the amazing modern day poster artist Razzia, including his famous Louis Vuitton posters.

24 hours of Le Mans Posters

Vintage Hood Ornaments
Looking for a Vintage Hood Ornament?  Surprise your Auto Enthusiast by visiting www.arteauto.com where you will find a 1920’s Masonic Logo hood ornament, a Windermere Motor Boat Racing Club hood ornament and a 1954 Chevrolet hood ornament, all reasonably priced and ready to be wrapped up and put under the tree.


3.  Car Models -
Whether you're shopping for the ultimate scratch built automobile model, or looking for a unique toy for a special grown-up child, at www.arteauto.com you can buy many hard to find car models like the 1982 Ferrari 126C2 hand-built model, 1/24th scale by Jeff Alderman, or a Packard by American National pressed steel toy car.

Car Model

4.  Automotive Paintings -
Check out some of the amazing automobile artwork from some of the best artists from around the world available at www.arteauto.com including Geo Ham, Carlo Demand, Ken Dallison, Peter Hearsey, and Alain Levesque, among others.  From the rare and vintage to the modern, we can suit all your holiday needs in fine automotive paintings and drawings from many motor racing scenes, touring or automotive studio renderings.
Geo Ham

Auto Signs, Rally Plaques and Automotive Banners
Choose from multicolored modern wooden signs to an actual Royal Auto Club (RAC) large original fabric two-sided flag/banner or early 1970’s Michelin ZX original lithographed tin sign, at www.arteauto.com you'll find the most unique hard-to-find auto signs, banners or even a Bulova display sign/clock.


Classic Automobile Badges, Automotive Pins and Racing Medallions
Trying to find a rare Monte Carlo participant's badge? Or maybe you're looking for the perfect St. Christopher medallion.  At www.arteauto.com we have a huge selection of  to suit every need, including a great selection of British Motorcycle clubs badges.

St. Christopher medallion

Literature, Programs and Magazines
We have the hard to find, classic automotive literature you've been looking for.  Whether it is an Indianapolis 500 official event program, a 1926 Locomobile Model 90 prestige catalog or a collection of Rolls-Royce Enthusiast's Club Publications, at www.arteauto.com you can find that unique piece of literature, race program, catalog or magazine for the ultimate automotive collector.
1926 Locomobile Model 90 prestige catalog

Automobile Prints
We have an amazing collection of automobile prints from a fantastic selection of artists at www.arteauto.com. Alain Levesque, Ernest Montaut, Francois Bruere, Geo Ham, Alain Mirgalet, Nicholas Watts and LeRoy Neiman are just a few of our featured artists.

Nicholas Watts

9.  Classic Car Automobilia -
From a Tribute to Ayrton Senna sterling silver fountain pen set by Montegrappa to a Porsche 959 Paris-Dakar race car nose grill or Borrani aluminum front wire wheel for Ferrari 250 GTO Series II, at www.arteauto.com you can find that unique collectible gift for your special automotive enthusiast.

Tribute to Ayrton Senna sterling silver fountain pen set by Montegrappa

Gift Certificate
Getting ready for the Holidays?  Don’t know what to get your Auto Enthusiast?  Let them browse www.arteauto.com and choose from 1000’s of Vintage Auto Collectibles. What better way to say “Merry Christmas!” Gift Certificates make great stocking stuffers too and come in increments from $25 and up.

Gift Certificate

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