Stanley Wanlass

Stanley Wanlass has both a B.F.A. and M.A. degree in art and has taught at Universities in the United States and abroad including the European Art Academy in Paris and the University of Grenoble, France. Wanlass creates limited edition automotive bronze sculptures echoing his love for the automobile which he has collected, restored and raced since the mid-fifties. His collection varies from Bugattis to Auburns. His sculptures are represented in the most prestigious museums and private collections worldwide.

Wanlass has always had a passion for cars. As a child he sculpted them out of soap bars. During the 50's as a young hot rod enthusiast, he built two 1932 Fords which he showed and raced. To support his habit he striped, flamed and scalloped local hot rods and lead sleds.

Wanlass' bronzes are called "rolling -sculpture" by some and "just plain sensuous" by others. The Detroit News says "Wanlass bronzes seem to be moving despite being trapped in bronze." The great Peter Helck calls Wanlass "the finest sculptor of the automobile", while Automobile Quarterly considers Wanlass "the ranking sculptor of the automobile."

Wanlass does extensive research on each of his art works. However he takes license with the facts if it will help his composition. " I change whatever I need in order to establish a symbol. Facts bore me. I'm more interested in truth." He fells comfortable stretching history and condensing time and space to bring together a dramatic depiction of the spirit of tech subject ... a symbol, a gestalt, a truth. "Cold exactitude isn't art, spirit and form are more important. Content and meaning are also important, however, form (structure) is the first consideration. Good design is the structure that supports the statement. If the form and statement successfully interact a symbol is born. it becomes more that the sum of its parts."

"It is through these symbols, truths of the past, that we are better able to understand our time and ourselves. We are comfortable with the known. Drawing on our knowledge of the past is how we decipher the present. I feel that now is a more important statement that then. I make statements about now using them."

"The automobile is the only really new significant art form of this century. For thousands of years man relied on the horse and wagon for transportation. Then this contraption comes along and revolutionizes the world."


Stanley Wanlass sculpture
Ferrari 375 MM Fast Company

Stanley Wanlass sculpture
James Dean/Porsche Spyder 550





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