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Seventeen collectible vehicle price guides

Price: $60.00

Seventeen collectible vehicle price guides, lot includes reprint of October 1926 Kelley Kar
Company Blue Book; Old Car Value
Guide by Quentin Craft (1968, vol. 1, #2); Kruse
International Collectible Vehicle Auction Results and Guide (1996, 2008-09);
Edmunds Used
Car & Trucks (Winter 2000); N.A.D.A Classic and Special Interest Guides (Jan-April 2001,
May-Aug 2004);
Hagerty’s Cars That Matter (fall/winter 2006, Jan-April 2011); Kelley Blue
Book Official Guide for Early Model
Cars, (Jan-June 2007, July-Dec 2008, Jan-June 2009 and
July-Dec 2011);
Keith Martin’s Sports Car Market (2011 ed., 2011 update, 2012 winter-spring,
2012 summer-fall);
English lang., softcover, color and b&w photos, 3.75” x 5.5” to 8.5” x 11”,
98-800 p., A- cond.,
(handling wear, some faded), lot of 17. 

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